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Mindset & High Performance Coach

Athens, Greece

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Valentina Kordi a Mindset and High Performance Coach helping Entrepreneurs, Executives & Management teams succeed in their goals by finding out WHAT exactly the desired outcome is, HOW they will achieve it and HOW they will overcome possible obstacles found in their way to success by changing their mindset and behaviors that act as saboteurs to their success. She is a member of the Certified Coaches Alliance in Canada and International Coaching Federation. She's an international motivational speaker and TEDx speaker and the author of the best-selling book Success is a Mind Game.
Some of the companies included in my clients' list are: Novartis, Microsoft, Unilever, RE/MAX, Biomarin Pharmaceuticals Inc., Coca-Cola, INC Group, Inc., Weber Shandwick, etc.

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Mindset & High Performance Coach for Entrepreneurs, Executive & Management Teams / International Motivational Speaker / Author

Motivation, High Performance, Behavioral Change, Resilience, Leadership, Mindset Success



Valentina Kordi conducts her own mindset coaching open seminars or she get hired by organizations to provide speeches and training to their executives and/or employees or speak at professional or corporate events. She also conducts webinars on the above topics to associations, professionals and companies employees.

Same of her speeches:
- Your vehicle to success: How to make your dream possible (TEDx UTHLarissa, Greece, 2020)
- Employees Motivation: Back to Basics! (Speech at 1st Panhellenic Security Services Event, Greece, 2020)
- How to build a resilient mindset (webinar for REMAX Greece partners, 2020)
- Building a resilient mindset in challenging times (webinar for Marketing Club members, 2020)
- Motivation: It's in your mind! (Novartis corporate event, Greece, 2019)
- Time to make businesses more human-centered (Speech at EU Green Week event, Greece, 2019)
- No time, or no time management? (Mindflow event at ALBA Business Graduate School, 2019)
- Employees Motivation Done Simply! (7th Security Project Conference, Greece, 2019)
- Diversity & Inclusion in the workplace: Successful implementation through mindset change (AHC Group Affiliates Annual Meeting, New York,
USA, 2019)
- The 2 pillars of self-leadership mindset: Being productive, while being happy at work (Workshop at Biomarin Pharmaceutical Inc.
Management Team's zone meeting, Italy, 2019)
- Professional Vision: Reaching Success with One Question as a Guide (Speech at MentorUp Event for Pharmacy Students, 2019)
- The Art of Self-Leadership: How to lead your mind and succeed in your goals (Speech at Meet your Future event, Greece, 2019)
- Don't just do your job, excel in it! (School of Tourism event, Greece, 2019)
- Don't just do your job, excel in it! (Beirut Life Insurance Summit, Lebanon, 2018)
- Procrastination: How to win this mind game! (MDRT Annual event, Greece, 2017)
- Coaching skills for effective leadership (Speech at University of Piraeus, 2017)
- Effective Leadership (Speech at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece, 2017)
- Effective Conflict Management: It takes two to tango! (Speech at Two-Way Leadership & the Art of Adaptation event organized by IST College, Greece, 2017)
- Entrepreneurship: A second chance! (GR Bossible: Explore your Business Self event, Greece, 2017)
- Positive Thinking & Mindset (Voluntary Action by event, Greece, 2016)
- Starting Up Your StartUp Business (Speech at Infocom World Annual Conference, Greece, 2015)