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Public Speaker | Podcaster | Strategist

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

$ 5000/hr

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Lucas speaks on visionary leadership, power of story, and change making. In the last 10 years he spoken at conferences across 13 nations and 19 of the 50 States. Lucas hosts OWN THE FUTURE podcast, based in Dubai. His latest book is entitled “Anchored, the Discipline to Stop Drifting”.

Lucas has both shared front of thousands on visionary leadership, to teaching week-long consulting seminars on sales, marketing, and communication strategy for SME and entrepreneurs.

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Own The Future Podcast




Lucas is the founder and host of OWN THE FUTURE, an interview podcast seeks to explore and understand our stories so that we might own our stories, and own the future. Along with a daily show “Weaver & Loom” that reconnects us with ancient wisdom, stories, and our craft.

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Anchored: The Discipline to Stop Drifting

Published Book



Anchored is about discipling your life on a wholistic (mind, body, and spirit) level in order to achieve your dreams and enjoy the process.

I wrote the book during my first few years in the Middle East. The drastic shift of pace and culture caused me to re-examine my life and my priorities. The new environment forced me to define and redefine who I am and why I am. The Arabian desert compelled me to reflect my dreams and my methods of pursuing my goals.

Out of it all came this book, a book to share with you some practical skills and mindsets I learned along the way to stop drifting through life, and to be anchored to goals, and dreams that matter.


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