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(NOW DELIVERING VIRTUAL EXPERIENCES) Top Leadership, Culture and Transformation Motivational Keynote Speaker, Dr. Suresh Devnani

International opening keynote speaker, Dr. Suresh Devnani is a four-time best-sellers list author, motivational keynote speaker on leadership, workplace culture, and the power of human connections. He brings this passion and energy for performance, purpose, and impact to events of all types, as well as to those he professionally mentors personally to strengthen their performance mindset and success in life, business, and careers.

Suresh is a successful entrepreneur and corporate executive of multiple companies. As a remarkable addition – Suresh is a positive psychology researcher and advocate, who is currently studying the occupational hazards change is causing upon leaders and their workplace culture.

Dr. Devnani’s clients have found his speeches to be "inspirational", his counseling to be "transformational", and his consulting to be "impactful", earning him the title of “the Happy Doctor”. World HRD Congress has named "101 Top Global Coaching Leaders", “101 Most Fabulous Global Training & Development Leaders”, and “51 Most Fabulous Global Happiness Leaders”.

This one-of-a-kind combination brings relevancy, experience, and understanding of the real-world challenges and opportunities we face in our professional and personal pursuits. It also produces a masterful storytelling, engagement, and entertainment factor that is uniquely and unequivocally the Suresh Devnani Experience. Far more than “JUST” a keynote, an interactive and energizing experience that is a trinity of personal inspiration, growth mindset, and transforming to be ready for the future of work.

Dr. Devnani is here to help and support your leaders and people at ALL levels to engage deeper, perform with purpose and passion, and fuel growth! Do you want to build a legacy of excellence?

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Are You looking for a Virtual Keynote Speaker for Your Event?

Dr. Suresh Devnani is here to help and support your leaders and people during the COVID-19 Pandemic virtually at all levels to engage deeper, perform with purpose and passion, and continue to thrive and fuel growth!

Delivering Inspiring, Interactive, and Energizing Experience virtually during the COVID 19 Pandemic to Uplift your Audience and People so they can continue to be Engaged and Empowered.