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Dr. Suresh Devnani – the Happy Doctor
Global Keynote Speaker on Resilience, Happiness, and Wellbeing | Author | Researcher

International Keynote Speaker, 4 X TEDx Speaker, Researcher, Best-Selling Author, Dr. Suresh Devnani is a global thought leader and Influencer on Well-being, Resilience, and Happiness. Dr. Devnani’s clients have found his speeches to be "inspirational", his counseling to be "transformational", and his consulting to be "impactful", earning him the title of “the Happy Doctor.

He has spoken at some of the most influential events and companies in the world. He conducts enrichment workshops and retreats globally. In addition, he has also addressed at Fortune 100 Businesses, Luxury Cruises, Colleges, Universities, Schools, Non-profits, Start-ups, Hospitals, Shelters, and Places of worship.

He is a strong believer that people are most productive, creative, committed and interconnected when they have positive emotions and thoughts about their work and when they are motivated by the fundamental interest in their work itself.

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Motivational Keynote Speaker on Resilience, Happiness, and Wellbeing | Author | Researcher