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Keynote Speaker | Executive High-Performance Coach | Author

Johannesburg, South Africa

$ 4500/hr

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Erik Kruger is a man on a mission to help businesses and people accelerate towards achieving high-performance!

His background in physiotherapy showed him the power of the mind in overcoming physical pain, so much so he decided to pursue a career as a high-performance executive coach and keynote speaker. He believes mental toughness and clear thinking are key enablers of high-performance and he leverages his many years of experience and knowledge to develop practices, strategies and tools that are truly life-changing and transformational.

Executive high-performance coach
Among the many celebrities, entrepreneurs, and executives Erik has coached are:
• Marnus Broodryk, one of the most well-known entrepreneurs in South Africa (as a Shark on Shark Tank SA) and small business champion
• John Sanei, Singularity University faculty member and internationally acclaimed author and speaker
• Mark Sham, CEO of Suits & Sneakers
He coaches up to 20 high-end businesspeople on an ongoing basis. Like Marnus, John and Mark, they’re generally successful entrepreneurs and executives seeking to achieve more through better decision-making, leadership and strategic thinking.

Keynote speaker
While Erik’s addresses are bespoke and carefully crafted according to the requirements of the target audience, his two most popular are “Seven lessons from a CEO coach on achieving high performance” and “High-performance habits for tomorrow”.

A new keynote is being developed around his upcoming book on the power of being “dangerous” in a world defined by mediocrity and sameness.

Facilitator and leadership team coach
Erik regularly facilitates workshops for businesses and teams pursuing high-performance strategies like AON, Derivco, IQ Business, Mimecast and Nedbank.

Acta Non Verba – The Playbook for Creating, Achieving and Performing at your Highest Level was published in 2018. From a base of nearly 800 e-mails, Erik chose 165 he believes have the capacity to help people realise their dreams. He’s also in the process of finishing his second book on being “dangerous”.

Thought leader
He has been a regular contributor to Entrepreneur magazine and publishes two to three articles a week on his LinkedIn and Facebook pages, reaching thousands of people in the process.
Recently, Erik joined forces with John Sanei to produce the new Expansive podcast series.
He also appears in the media regularly and has previously shared his thinking on KykNet, CNBC, 702, Cliffcentral, and many more .
Erik has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Physiotherapy from the University of the Witwatersrand as well as a Postgraduate Diploma in Management and a Master’s Degree in Business and Executive Coaching, both from Wits Business School.

Long before Erik was a high-performance executive coach and keynote speaker, he was a physiotherapist. To share his passion for helping people, he founded BetterMan, a personal and professional development online community for men.

Global citizen
Erik lives in Johannesburg with his girlfriend Danicka and their dog Axel. He’s an avid golfer, has previously been nominated as one of GQ’s best-dressed men and a world traveller. His favourite city is Vienna.

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South Africa

Experience Details

Work Experience 1


Speaking & Facilitation



Spoke at the Mimecast Sales Conference
Topic for the talk and facilitation was: Creating A Culture of Learning.
One of the most important take-aways for the audience was to create a PFL (Plan For Learning) that substitutes all our random learning with precise and goal-orientated learning.

Work Experience 2


Speaking & Facilitation



Delivered a keynote and facilitation at the Nedbank Sales Conference.
The goal of the talk was to help people shift from knowing to doing.
One of the main take-aways for the audience was the ability to identify their procrastination style and how to overcome it.

Work Experience 3


Speaking & Facilitation



Delivered a keynote and facilitation for the AON Leadership Team.
The talk and facilitation was about creating accountability.
One of the main takeaways for the audience was that we need to shift from guilt-based accountability to coaching-based accountability. This means that we stop naming and shaming people when they fall short and instead assist them in removing the obstacles that prevent them from achieving high-performance.

Work Experience 4


Speaking & Facilitation



Delivered a keynote and facilitation for the communities of communities.
During the talk, I shared "7 Lessons From A CEO Coach".
One of the biggest takeaways for the audience was to think about how they are inspiring, connecting, and promoting their communities.

Work Experience 5

Master's of Business & Executive Coaching

University Degree



Completed my Master's degree in Business and Executive Coaching though the University of the Witwatersrand