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S.M.I.L.E. Strategist/ Motivational Speaker/ Wordsmith

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

$ 450/hr

  • Personal Development
  • Leadership
  • Soft Skills
  • Inspirational Speakers
  • Women Empowerment
  • Behaviour
  • Inspirational Women
  • Motivation
  • Teamwork
  • Transformation
  • Wellbeing
  • Others
  • English
  • Hindi
  • Urdu

Ruqya Khan aka RK, is an internationally honoured change maker. Running daily live videos since 1 May 2018 without a single day's gap she is recognised as an authority on inflow delivery and mindset training. She is a S.M.I.L.E. Strategist and her content has been changing lives the world over!

As a life coach who has been working with words since more than 19 years now, Ruqya understands the importance of communication and what we say to ourselves. A mindset of growth governs not just the roles we play at work but also in life at large. Catalyzing shifts and breakthroughs she promises value in what she delivers. Her credibility reflects in the work that she has done and aims to do.

Ruqya has spoken and been felicitated for her contribution at the Women Economic Forum in New Delhi. In 2016 she did a TEDx talk on "The Art of Possibility". She has delivered talks during the Happiness Carnival conducted in Dubai by the Prime Minister’s Office. She coached students and educationalists at the International Youth Leadership and Innovation Forum in Singapore. She is a Master Practitioner of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Hypnosis and Time Line Therapy®. She is also proficient at the neuroscience techniques of mBraining. She is closely associated with NAMA Women Advancement Establishment and Sharjah Business Women’s Council.

Leading from chaos to clarity, RK’s journey is fascinating not due to the many places and people with whom she has shared her message but because of the intention that drives her. Her mission is to enable stress free relationships, effective communication skills and improved outlook on life. She is a wordsmith – she works with words; delivering stories in print and on stage.

With clients and in groups she addresses subconscious limiting beliefs and disrupted pursuits of happiness. The sessions encourage self-awareness, effective communication skills and improved outlook on life & its possibilities. They address subconscious limiting beliefs and disrupted pursuits of happiness. Learning is delivered in a fun and interactive format using the techniques of Neuro Linguistic Programming to convey the content in the most impactful way.

Most of us live in a world where there is a gap between what we have and what we want. Bridging this gap is possible when we step inside instead of seeking outside. Inner dialogue and pattern clearing are essential so that we can step into our greatness. Ruqya’s S.M.I.L.E. strategy is beyond happiness or motivation. It is a mindset tool that she anchors seamlessly with an expression of joy and acceptance. It breaks down the tedious process of getting from stuck to unstuck (in any area of life - health, academics, in relationships and even at work) into 5 simple but effective steps.

The value system across responsible organisations aligns with what RK delivers. In keeping with this understanding she invites you to help her see how your team would best like to harvest her skill set. Connect with RK to know more – her legacy is her S.M.I.L.E.

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Experience Details

Work Experience 1

Women Economic Forum

Women Empowerment, Gratitude, Motivation



Held four different sessions at the global conference and spoke on a vast spectrum of topics right from gratitude, to motivation, to self identity and building on possibilities.

Work Experience 2


Motivation, Self Trust, Gratitude, Acceptance



The Art Of Possibility is the title of my TEDx talk. This is when I designed and shared for the first time my acronym for SMILE.

Work Experience 3

SMILE to move forward at Business Excellence Centre at Dubai Economic Development Department




Delivered a presentation on "SMILE to move forward" for participants of the Dubai Service Excellence Scheme at Dubai Economic Development Department.

Work Experience 4

Mindful Parenting Workshop

Inspiration, Parenting, Mindfulness



Conducted a two hour workshop for parents at Modern Indian School - shared tools and techniques behind effective parenting

Work Experience 5

SMILE in faith

Inspiration, Motivation, Self Belief



Did a workshop on self esteem and goal setting for New Muslims at Al Jafiliya Mosque

Work Experience 6


Motivation, Women Empowerment



Spoke at a Women's Labour camp on motivation, battling limiting beliefs, setting goals with a SMILE

Work Experience 7

Stress Management and Key to Happiness

Motivation, Goal Setting and Empowerment



Did a guest lecture as one of the topics in the course of ‘Communications and Study Skills’ for Media students at The American University In The Emirates

Work Experience 8

SMILE with me

Motivation, Self Confidence and Life goals



Engaged with audience and shared my SMILE at Ajman, Abu Dhabi and Umm Al Quwain as a participant within the Happiness Journey Tour, an initiative by the National Program for Happiness and Positivity.

Work Experience 9

SMILE is universal

Motivation Life skills Mindset Training Empowerment



I spoke at Amity University Dubai on World Toursim Day about how a smile is a universal language