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Happiness Centered Customers: Secrets of Creating Happy Customers for Life

In this must-have guide Happiness Centered Customers, Dr. Suresh Devnani lays out some very specific things for any business that can put to immediate use to grow their bottom line profits. Just a few things you’ll learn in this easy to read, easy to understand book includes, how to… Profitably attracts more quality customers, Ethically exploit your customers maximum financial customers, Convert your customers into Advocates who actively and enthusiastically refer you to others, Keep your quality customers for life, Understand and capitalize on the motives that compel people to make buying decisions, Determine how much you can afford to spend to get a new customer and to retain your current customers, Set you and your business apart from any and all competition, and much more.

  • Author : Dr. Suresh Devnani (virtual Keynote Speaker/ Masterclass Host)
  • Price: 19.00 AED