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Happiness Reinvented: Igniting Principles of Being the Best You Can Be

Happiness Reinvented lists all the critical steps needed to help you create a Happier and more Rewarding life. "A happier world is possible. Our actions can help make the difference." Improving your life or 'Happiness Reinvented', as this book suggests, is not all about getting rich nor is it about being the healthiest man alive. I know that as I say this, some of you are already shaking your heads in disapproval, insolently insisting: "Yes it is!". And I honestly do agree to some extent that I would rather cry and pity myself in my Mercedes, than in the back seat of a public city bus. But the key to 'Happiness' is not about the number of digits at the end of your bank statement, or the number of cars you have, or the proximity of your house from the 'oh so important city center'. At the end of the day, it is all really about being in the winning mindset.

  • Author : Dr. Suresh Devnani (virtual Keynote Speaker/ Masterclass Host)
  • Price: 19.00 AED