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The Life deck - 52 Simple Concepts for Complex Lives

The Life Deck is an appealing and articulate self-help book that is certain to appeal to its target audience. Featuring 52 concepts on Life, this book is an uplifting collection of topics on self-motivation and growth. Proposing simple ways, to make life better for everyone, one concept at a time, it is an optimistic and empowering work. Each of the fifty-two concepts focuses on one central element, beginning with a short introduction and then exploring the topic in an enlightening and stimulating fashion. It is well researched and supplemented by personal experiences and examples that offer learning occasions for the reader. The content applies to all, regardless of age or gender, and encourages them towards personal success through self-motivation and inner reflection. The innovative deck of cards offers practical advice and guidance for cultivating a purposeful life. However, I personally recommend that the book and the deck will have more meaning when accompanied with a workshop to practice them. The Life Deck perplexes and charms, revealing an easy-to-follow recipe for our complicated lives.. May students and citizens find support here to face the ups and downs of life!

  • Author : Anish Baheti
  • Price: 19.99 AED