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The Daily Six

The Daily Six is a simple road map detailing how to build and sustain a deeper meaning in life while building a successful career. Following these six simple strategies will change the focus of your life and your organization culture and leads you to open a centered and more peaceful balance with both your personal and professional existence without adding any more "to-dos" to your already overwhelmed list. In today's challenging and fast-paced business and work environment, many people feel life isn't simple, they can't find a sense of balance, and the definition of prosperity doesn't include quality of life. It's these stark realities ... complemented by the ambition of fame and fortune-that lead many down a spiraling path of sacrificing the very attributes that give life substance and meaning. Personal fulfillment doesn't have to be a trade-off for professional success. But it does not have to be this way. John is a self-described “Recovering Big Shot”! He spent many years in the “gerbil wheel of success” gaining wealth at the expense of his family and everything meaningful in his life. It took what John refers to as a “gift of devastation” to get him back on track. The bitter twist of fate that cost him his financial success eventually led him to a life of far greater meaning and financial success. Now he shares his path to rediscovery. The Daily Six is a simple road map detailing how you and your people can find a deeper meaning in life while building successful careers. John has used these principles to improve productivity and performance of individuals and at universities, hospitals and corporations worldwide. John’s practical and compassionate approach includes simple strategies for change, and he customizes solutions based upon your needs. In this short one hour webinar, John will share the 6 little steps that allowed him to not only rebuild his world in a way that allows him to enjoy life, but to enjoy his success and keep everything he has worked for.

  • Author : John Chappelear
  • Price: 54.11 AED